Testimonial from a student: "I love the Asian Slim plan.  It hits
the mark for me in key areas.  First, I don't have to be hungry
and miserable.  I feel full and satisfied between meals.  Second,
I really prefer eating warm food to the cold food offered on
most other food plans.  Third, the portions are large even
though the calories are low.  Fourth, I'm not suffering cravings
because there is a big variety of foods to choose from.  Fifth,
my husband can eat the same foods and he's happy too.  Sixth,
I'm consistently losing weight, week after week and starting to
exercise.  Seventh, it's very interesting to learn to prepare
Asian foods.  I thought Asian cooking was too complicated to
even try, but it is much easier and faster than I imagined."
                                 Frieda Barken, San Diego, lost 30 lbs.

Seminar & Book Signings (mark your calendar!)

  • Fletcher Hills Library, Jan 9, 2008, 6:30 PM
  • Mission Valley Library, Jan 23, 2008, 6:30 PM

  • Linda's interactive class at the Learning
    Annex - San Diego.
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"Excellent class-good tips on how to increase your
metabolism-and special recipes to have more
satisfying meals."
Joanne Naiman, San Diego

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  • with host Pat Bullock, KHAC, New Mexico
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  • with host David Snow, Dr. Health Radio,Hawaii
  • with host Fred Hofmann, KCPS, Iowa
  • with host Gil Bratcher, WYSP, Philadelpia
  • with host Pat Bullock, KHAC, New Mexico
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  • with host Erskine, www.GCNLIVE.COM
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