"Lost 25 Pounds"

I have lost 25 pounds using your method…Thank you so much
for sharing your book!!!  I love your plan!!

~ Patty McCormick, Ventura, CA

    Dear Friend,

    You have been told that to lose weight
    you need to exercise and eat less...

    So you wake up early to exercise
    You are hungry and tired all the time.

    You tried all the hype out there.
    But you still don't lose weight...
    At one point in time,
    I was like you.
    Then, I discovered the Asian Slim Secrets method.
    I was amazed...so I shared my method to the experts.
    They too were amazed...
    This method is so simple yet it's guaranteed to work

    We used to think that Asians have skinny genes
    Now we know, it's not the genes...
    but the eating habits and it's great!
    Because you can stay full and even eat some fried food
    (yap, however you need to learn a simple trick
    on how to do that & still stay slim).

    I want to help you if you let me...
    Learn my secrets. Study it and put it into action.
    And the weight will falls off easily.
    You will be able to enjoy food & stay slim for life.
    It's so simple, it's mind boggling...

You Will Discover Amazing Facts

  • Which Foods Make You Full with the Fewest Calories

  • Why Eating Salad Won't Make You Slim

  • How to Enjoy Meat and Avoid the Fat

  • The Best Food for Weight Loss

  • The Appetizer that Soothes Your Hunger

  • Healthy & Delicious Dessert

  • How to Increase Your Metabolism

  • The Most Effective, yet Simple Exercise, only 5-10 minutes/day

          This is Not a Diet

  • You can Still Eat Out

  • You will Eat Until You are Full

  • You can Eat Junk Food (a piece of cake/candy won't mess us your plan)

  • You don't Need to Eat Carrot Sticks or Brown Rice
     if You don't like Them

        Praise for the Asian Slim Secrets Method...
"I Don't Have to be Hungry and Miserable...."

“I love the Asian Slim plan.  It hits the mark for me in key areas.  
First, I don't have to be hungry and miserable.  I feel full and
satisfied between meals.  Second, I really prefer eating warm food
to the cold food offered on most other food plans.  Third,
the portions are large even though the calories are low.  Fourth,
I'm not suffering cravings because there is a big variety of foods
to choose from.  Fifth, my husband can eat the same foods and
he's happy too.  Sixth, I'm consistantly losing weight, week after
week and starting to exercise.  Seventh, it's very interesting to
learn to prepare Asian foods.  I thought Asian cooking was too
complicated to even try, but it is much easier and faster than
I imagined.”

~ F. Barken, wife & assistant to Dr. Barken, San Diego

" We can Benefit by Expanding Our Knowledge of this Asian

“During our extensive experimental research for The China Study,
I have come to realize that it is the kind of food, more than the
amount of food, that is primarily responsible for all-around health.
The China Study shows that the Asian traditional diet is healthy;
thus we can benefit by expanding our knowledge of this
Asian cuisine.”

~T. Colin Campbell, PhD, author of The China Study,
Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional
Biochemistry, Cornell University

"Yo’s Pointed Comparisons Make Her Point Pretty Well..."

“Yo’s pointed comparisons make her point pretty well. For
instance a small Caesar salad with dressing has 360 calories and
26 grams of fat. A serving of stir-fried mixed vegetables has 94
calories and 4 grams of fat.”

~ The News Herald

" Simplicity, Flavor and Balance ..."

“Simplicity, flavor and balance are three of Yo's Asian Slim Secrets
to dieting without compromising flavorful foods
These Asian meal and snack choices will incorporate easily into
your regular food lifestyle for permanent results. And those who
hate to exercise can discover the quick and easy choices that up
until now have been part of the knowledge and practice known
only to the holistic health educator"

~ Dr. Sorai Stuart, PhD ND
Educator & Author of Nutrition for Your Body, Mind & Spirit

"Your program is the gift that keeps on giving"

“Because of the way that you have taught me to eat, I am now no
longer a slave to food.   I can eat without guilt and enjoy what I eat
knowing full well that I am now in control and not my appetite.

Because of you I look great and others have noticed my  SLIM
SELF.  Again thank you for your SECRET.”

~ Sandy Wallace, Las Vegas, Nevada
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     " I Enjoyed Food, Stayed Full & yet I Lost Weight! "                                

                         - Ken Blanchard, co-author of One Minute Manager
                             (to date Ken has lost 50 pounds permanently!)
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“I lost 9.6 lbs from Dec 12 to Jan 10.  
People couldn’t believe it.
They said “Nobody loses that kind of weight
over the Christmas and New Year Holidays.”
Yes you do if you follow
Linda Yo’s weight loss method.
I enjoyed food, stay full and yet I lost weight.”

~ Ken Blanchard,
co-author of One Minute Manager

"Lost 25 Pounds & Never Feel Hungry"

"Hi Linda,

Yes, you may use my testimonial.  Your plan was the only one
that ever worked for me.  I've lost weight and I never feel hungry.  
It's magical!!  Thank you so much for sharing your secret!!"

~ Patty McCormick, Ventura, CA

"Lost 25 Pounds & Never Feel Hungry"

"Hi Linda,

Your plan was the only one that ever worked for me.  
I've lost weight and I never feel hungry.  
It's magical!!  Thank you so much for sharing your secret!!"

~ Patty McCormick, Ventura, CA
" A New Option That Will Work for Most Americans..."

“When you reveal Asian Slim Secrets you offer a new option that
will work for most Americans.”

~ Erskine, Syndicated Talk Radio Show Host